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Headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, Euvasal is a global player in the Third-Party Logistics (3PL) market. Euvasal has made strategic investments in a world wide network enabling our good reputation as a reliable cargo transport provider.

Our customers need is at the heart of our business. We grow as a company when we arrive at solutions that enable our customer to serve their customers more effeciently and effectively. Our culture for success, loyalty and integrity makes Euvasal the best partner for business. We will continue to serve our community responsibly and drive innovation that will improve life.

our mission

Our mission is to implement and manage domestic and international logistics services that will enable the connection of commercial markets.

our promise

  • Providing high quality freight, warehousing and marine services to all of our clients
  • Investing in our employees to improve service level and to facilitate company growth
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Ensuring equality and safety in all work practices
  • Investing in technology that will drive innovation
  • Meeting and exceeding industry standards

Our Core Values

Research & Development

We must grow! and we must do it better! So, we dedicate time for research on better practices and groundbreaking technology.

Innovative Technology

Technology is at the heart of efficiency, so we employ the latest technologies in our operational practices.

Safety & Quality

Quality, Safety and Environment is at the core of our operation. Everyday we assess potential risks to mitigate operational effects.

Environment Responsibility

Reducing our carbon footprint and improving the quality of life for the people around us, is a promise we make to the community.

Our Team

Jevaughn James

Customs Clearance Operations

Errol Aitken

Operations Manager

Oshane Haseley

Chief Executive Officer

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